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Garcia writes about the New Metro

Metro Board Chair Gilbert Garcia wrote an op-ed for the Sunday Chron that outlined what Metro did in 2010 and plans to do in 2011. If you’ve already listened to my interview with Garcia and Board member Christof Spieler, what he has to say will be familiar. And if you haven’t listened to it, you might want to do so after reading his op-ed, since we didn’t have to worry about space limitations and thus covered a lot more ground in it. As things stand right now, the main story for 2011 will be action by the FTA on the original $900 million New Starts grants, and on the University line; that latter is also dependent on Congressional authorization of the funds in the next budget. Metro has done a lot to put its house in order, at a time when a lot of the things it depends on are out of its control. We’ll see what happens.

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