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TCEQ a no-show at EPA hearing

They’d rather sue than engage.

At the hearing in a hotel ballroom, Al Armendariz, the EPA’s regional administrator for Texas and five adjacent states, said the federal agency prefers to let the state issue the permits, as it does for other air pollutants.

“This isn’t a program that we want to implement for years,” Armendariz said. “We want the state of Texas to take ownership of it, and we are ready to work with the TCEQ. However, at this time, those discussions have not begun.”

In a statement, the TCEQ said it didn’t attend the hearing because the state agency’s position “has been clearly articulated to the EPA and well documented in several pending court cases.”

“Our attempts to reason with EPA and efforts to have constructive discussions on our position and their authority under federal law have been ignored,” the statement said. “We look forward to pursuing our position in the court system and we are confident that science and the law will prevail.”

All they care about is finding a judge to let them off the hook. Remind me again why we even have the TCEQ?

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