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Senate approves modified Senate map

From the Trib:

The Texas Senate approved new political districts that protect all of the Republican and all but one of the Democratic incumbents in that body, but stalled on a House redistricting map already approved in the House.


After knocking down two amendments from Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, and approving one by Sen. Carlos Uresti, D-San Antonio, the Senate approved a map very similar to one passed last week by its Redistricting Committee.

Davis is still in a district that will be difficult for a Democrat to win. Travis County’s lines were altered a bit, but it would have four senators where it now has two, with one of them residing in the county. Taylor County remains split between two senators; it was whole before. And Bexar County would have parts of four Senate districts, three of which are anchored by San Antonio incumbents.

The bill is SB31, and the amended plan is Plan S125. I can’t tell where exactly the differences are between this and the original map. The Senate still has to vote on the House plan, and vice versa, which they will do more or less simultaneously as usual. Still to come is Congressional redistricting, about which Greg has more. A statement from Sen. Jose Rodriguez about the map is here, and a letter signed by all 12 Senate Dems that puts their concerns about the map and its retrogression of minority voting strength is here. Trail Blazers and Postcards have more.

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