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Weekend link dump for July 24

Today, a large number of Family Court judges in New York are volunteering their time to perform the first legal same-sex weddings in the state. If that doesn’t renew your faith in our judicial system, I don’t know what would.

You New Yorkers also still have time to get your nekkid on, if you’re into that sort of thing. Bring your own bicycle.

Let Julia be a cheerleader. I mean, come on.

Here’s another way to tell if your relationship is in trouble.

No, you don’t have to drink eight cups of water every day.

The echo chambers of tomorrow.

When Larry Flynt thinks you’ve gone too far…

An article on why digitally organizing one’s friends is hard to do is a great thing to read shortly after one has joined Google+.

The problem with sex offender registries, and the struggle to fix them.

I’ve no doubt that this is exactly what dealing with Congressional Republicans is like.

We didn’t win the World Cup, but we did win the Twitter wars. That’s got to be worth something.

A D&D alignment chart for the debt ceiling battle. If you don’t already know what that means, don’t bother clicking. You won’t get it.

Elizabeth Warren for Senate? I’m in.

The climate and environmental impact of the food you eat. And a reminder that a carbon tax is easily the best way of dealing with it.

Perhaps digital textbook rental could save the state of Texas some money.

Ronald Reagan was way too liberal for today’s GOP.

The Murdoch saga, distilled to its essence.

We should all support the repeal of DOMA.

Making birth control more widely available would be excellent public policy, and a long-run cost saver.

Starting community college this fall? Here’s some good advice for how to get the most out of it.

Pluto now has four moons, but it’s still not considered to be a planet. Go figure.

If Grover Norquist is flip flopping, that’s okay by me. But it’s apparently not the case.

Redistricting reform may have its merits, but it’s no panacea.

Let Richard Cordray speak.

The personal finance metaphor doesn’t work and isn’t helpful.

Any story that includes the phrase “a horde of gay barbarians” is worth reading, don’t you think?

RIP, the guy who designed the wheel on “Wheel of Fortune”.

Nobody filibusters me!

Not sure if this is meant to poke fun at “Lost” fans or the producers, but either way it’s pretty funny.

What Roy says about Amy Winehouse.

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