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Weekend link dump for July 31

Hot. Hot hot hot.

We probably won’t see Hope Solo in MLS any time soon.

Circle fatigue. That didn’t take long.

Leisure diving. Because, sure, why not?

The food desert problem is more complicated than just a lack of grocery stores.

They always say you’ve got to have heart, but they never say whose.

A closer look at the conventional wisdom about the NBA lockout.

This is what it looks like when history passes you by. And this is what history looks like, in the Bronx, at least.

Of course, there is a down side to all this gay marriage stuff.

Can I hear more about Jessica Alba, please?

How about an unbalanced budget amendment instead?

Just remember that Jennifer Rubin is paid to publish her opinions in a major national newspaper, and you aren’t.

“If the U.S. legalized marijuana today […] [p]eople in the marijuana industry would wear suits, work in offices, donate to the Club for Growth and work with the tobacco industry to lobby against clean air restrictions.”

This is why your mother told you to always wear clean undies.

We need patent reform, and we need it now.

Ten rules for tipping.

The only bipartisan energy compromise to pass the House.

Lying is still a sin, no matter who the liar is.

Republicans voted for the debt they now claim to abhor.

This is like an analogy. A very snarky analogy.

You’ve been playing Monopoly wrong all these years.

Growing replacement teeth for mice.

From the “Amnesty for me, but not for thee” files.

Even the Tooth Fairy is cutting back these days.

This is a constructive way of looking at the McDonald’s Happy Meal changes. The examples cited by Roy, not so much.

Some things that are still true today, and likely will still be true many days from now, about the budget situation.

MS-DOS is 30 years old. There are times when I still prefer to use a plain ol’ DOS prompt for some things. Yes, I’m very old.

Maybe this guy shouldn’t be lecturing us about financial responsibility.

RIP, Hideki Irabu.

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