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Weekend link dump for August 7

Congressional Republicans love dirty fuels more than they claim to revere the military.

It’s easier to negotiate with North Korea these days than it is with Congressional Republicans.

I want this woman to be my lawyer.

Great, now I have the demise of the Neanderthals to feel guilty about, too.

The only review you need to read of The Smurfs.

Remember the Columbia House Music Club? Here’s how they made their money.

Remember the National Debt Clock? There was a time in the year 2000 when it had to be unplugged because it had never been programmed to run backwards. Those were the days.

I just want to point out that this is not a problem on a BlackBerry.

Have I mentioned that the wedding industry is a huge racket? And don’t even get me started on the baby industry.

I had no idea there were so many giant metal chickens in the world.

Vote Batman for Tulsa City Council!

If you still use Windows XP, please upgrade. You’re hurting the Internet.

Thirty years of MTV, which I almost never saw until after it had jumped the shark because I didn’t have cable till I was 30.

I didn’t even know you could buy Twitter followers, but Newt Gingrich sure does.

Even a little exercise is good for you.

Did you enjoy the debt ceiling hostage crisis? Good, because there will be more just like it in the future. And not just on the debt ceiling, either.

And though the Republicans did not succeed in their quest to destroy the economy (though they certainly gave it a grievous wound), they are managing to cost us hundreds of millions of dollars with a smaller hostage crisis involving the FAA.

While we’re waiting for the next debtpocalypse to occur, we can go back to worrying about what’s really threatening our way of life: Communist Smurfs. No, seriously.

This post about the Fosbury Flop is both a great demonstration of how the application of physics has improved sports performance, and an excellent excuse for me to use the phrase “Fosbury Flop” in a post. Am I the only one who thinks “The Fosbury Flop” would make a great band name?

Wanna buy a mugshot? What about if it’s your own mugshot?

If the so-called Super Committee is serious about policy, here are a few things it could do.

Three cheers for the Suquamish Tribal Council. May many others follow their example.

Hey, facts can be stubborn things.

One’s definition of “justice” depends greatly on one’s perspective. And one’s position in life.

So apparently the earth used to have two moons, but then astronomers decided one of them was really just a “dwarf moon”, so everyone forgot about the other one. Or something like that.

Beer! Is there anything it can’t do?

Speaking of which, more classic Miller Lite ads, mostly from the 70s. Again, crappy beer but great commercials.

Yes, Eric, that is what businesses do.

Hey, haven’t we all done things we regret while drunk?

Still think our current system of financing elections is just fine as is? “Under our current system, a foreign government could conceivably set up a dummy corporation, invest heavily in Mitt Romney (or some other candidate), then dissolve the “business” and fade away.” Talk about your Manchurian candidates!

Some interesting thoughts from a “lunch lady”.

All things considered, President Obama’s approval rating isn’t too shabby.

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