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Weekend link dump for August 21

School starts tomorrow. That sound you hear is one part kids wailing and one part parents rejoicing.

How to expose a fake video, if you’re a physicist.

I have to agree that if deer antler spray doesn’t help you grow antlers, what’s the point?

More than you wanted to know about wine swirling.

But who cares about wine? It’s beer that really matters.

Great. Now I have to add colliding galaxies to the list of things I need to be worried about.

This picture may be the best thing to come out of Iowa since the corn dog. With the possible exception of this picture, of course. With that said, I’ll stipulate to this.

Why the Verizon strike matters.

Are you ready for one billion robots by the year 2020? Somewhere, Isaac Asimov is either grinning broadly or recoiling in horror.

More like this, please.

More like this, too.

It’s hard to spot privilege if you have it.

Can we please listen to what Warren Buffett has to say about taxing millionaires? Thanks.

They’ve got Michelle Bachmann eyes. I’ve got a vision that will haunt my dreams for the rest of my life.

Here’s Team Default. In a just world, the standard reaction to anything they say related to economic policy for the rest of their lives would be utter derision.

President Obama has done quite a lot for the good of the environment.

If you pay him $100, will he kiss you full on the lips?

Short people got no reason to live.

Tort “reform” in Texas hasn’t done much to improve access to or cost of health care here. I know, big surprise.

Not everyone thinks the Google-Motorola deal is a win for either of them.

Artists deserve to own their creations. It’s about time.

People like this give plutocracy a bad name.

Usually when someone is offered money to take off their clothes, it’s a little different than that.

I favor this idea as long as there’s enough room for all of them to move there. I can think of a few other groups who ought to follow suit, too.

Godspeed, El Duque. Yankee fans everywhere are smiling just thinking about you.

Using Fermi-problem estimation to answer a question about baseball.

Those that have waded through Rick Perry’s stupid book have discovered he doesn’t know much about history. Raise your hand if this surprises you.

The US Postal Service needs to make fundamental changes to survive. Or maybe it just needs to leverage its greatest asset, real estate.

The worst plate appearance in MLB history.

Record judicial diversity, record delays.

Via Harold, the silver lining to high unemployment.

Shut ’em down.

Good to see Capital Bikeshare expanding.

Sixty years ago Friday, Eddie Gaedel became the most famous pinch hitter in baseball history.

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