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Weekend link dump for October 23

Happy Mole Day, everyone!

Assuming we weren’t all raptured, of course.

I would like for this to be incorporated into the standard written driver’s test.

I also think Rude Taco would make an excellent band name.

If this doesn’t convince you to wash your hands after you use the potty, I don’t know what would.

Why Bruce Wayne is more powerful than Batman.

The parodies in MAD magazine were among the best ever produced.

There’s no such thing as accountability any more.

I don’t think this guy looks anything like Mr. Magoo.

US debt accumulation by President. If it weren’t for Dubya, we’d be in much less of it.

So I guess this means we won’t be getting warp drive any time soon. Bummer.

McTV is on the air in LA.

Those BlackBerry network outages last week caused a sharp drop in auto accidents in Dubai.

Telling lies to fools is sound strategy for getting the GOP Presidential nomination.

The media sucks. In case you were curious.

We need more of this from the Fed.

The only quarrel I have with this is that “hypocrisy” is not a strong enough word. This isn’t hypocrisy, it’s malevolence.

This is the kind of wedding I want to get invited to.

News flash: Bigfoot still doesn’t exist. Sorry to disappoint you.

An electric DeLorean? Cooooooool.

The worst ads of the year.

There’s always a cheaper alternative someplace else.

What do you call a “jobs bill” that won’t actually create any jobs? A Republican jobs bill, of course.

Beavis and Butthead would be in their thirties now. Feel old yet?

Pro tip: If you want to get away with a crime, don’t leave tons of evidence on your computer. Bragging about your exploits on Facebook is also contra-indicated.

“Right now, the average family of four spends more on transportation than on health care and taxes combined.” But mass transit doesn’t pay for itself, so we can’t have more of it. Or something like that.

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    Ah, English. I saw “Mole Day” and thought first of the animal and then of the Mexican sauce.