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HISD tightens ethics rules


The Houston school board agreed Thursday to tighten its ethics rules to prevent trustees from meeting with vendors and from accepting certain campaign donations during open bids.


Board members would not be able to attend meetings with vendors and the district’s administration under the policy change.

HISD board president Paula Harris, who has acknowledged contacting the district’s chief financial officer on behalf of a friend’s company, said the staff has “committed to me that we are not going back to the old days with only some folks having access.”


The policy would bar board members and candidates from accepting campaign donations from vendors while the district is soliciting proposals or bids in their area of business.

As noted before, this makes HISD’s rules more like City Council’s and the Legislature’s. It’s a step in the right direction, though obviously enforcement will be a key issue as well. Now that this has been done, let’s see a proposal for capping contributions to Board candidates.

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