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Weekend link dump for November 13

Still hoping to enjoy a little Thanksgiving before it gets completely crowded out by Christmas…

When you see a headline like Dachsund on LSD hit by car, naked couple arrested, is there really any need to read the story?

Being a major league sports franchise owner means never having to worry about losing money.

Go away, Jack. You haven’t lived in disgrace long enough to have earned a comeback.

If hating Nickelback is wrong, who wants to be right?

Don’t it turn my brown eyes blue.

A pictoral guide to the films of Michael Bay. Boom!

I sure hope there’s more than one universe, because we’re gonna need to go somewhere after we finish screwing this one up.

Yes, occupy our TV, please.

“The balance of Tebow coverage, to the extent that it even addresses his religion, is a patronizing mush of willful ignorance that—it seems to this heathen, at least—far more cheapens his faith than would a frank discussion of his beliefs.”

What IOKIYAR means in practice.

The freshman fifteen lasts a lot longer than your freshman year.

Kim Kardashian can get married but these people can’t. That’s just wrong.

The truth is out there, I just know that it is.

The ice cream of the future has filed for bankruptcy.

If you have no trouble believing that humans could mate with Vulcans and other space aliens, then this should be easy to believe, too.

I’d like to see Election Day become Election Weekend, too. Actually, just extending early voting to include the three days between Friday and Tuesday would be fine by me.

Fly the friendly skies, indeed.

People, people who don’t need people, are the luckiest people in the world. Or at least, they get out of Apple stores faster.

The Christmas tree war. Couldn’t we at least wait till after Thanksgiving for this?

“I knew Dan Quayle. Dan Quayle was a friend of mine. And you, Governor Perry, are no Dan Quayle.”

What Scalzi says.

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