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Weekend link dump for December 11

I don’t think the girls can wait two whole weeks more till Christmas.

The Superfriends Christmas Party, and Superman saves Nic Cage. They seem to go together.

The decline and fall of Western civilization is right on schedule.

Apparently, many people use the Internet to waste time. Who knew?

It’s stories like this that make Mark Evanier my favorite writer about celebrities.

The Mayans did not predict that the world would end in 2012.

This is the most succinct summary of the problem with democracy you’ll ever see.

Seven foods you shouldn’t eat. They’re probably not what you expect.

Meet American’s Least Toughest Sheriff on sexual predators who target children.

Get ready to drop trou.

From the “Beer: It’s What’s For Dinner (And Breakfast And Lunch)” department.

The case against a la carte cable.

And the case against instant soup. I always preferred the kind that came in an envelope that you put in a coffee mug to eat.

When fanboys become disillusioned.

Turns out “Obamacare” is a pretty good thing after all.

How nuts do you have to be to call The Muppets “Communists”?

Voter ID: Still about voter disenfranchisement, nothing more and nothing less.

Test taking is a skill that takes practice to master. Of course, a little basic knowledge of math is a good thing to have.

This is what election fraud looks like.

“So for these Christianists, the best way they could think of to promote their sectarian view was to sing a secular song in defense of a Pagan symbol.”

RIP, Col. Sherman T. Potter.

Republicans can’t find any small business owners who agree with them on the millionaire surtax.

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