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Weekend link dump for December 25

Just a few more hours till the after-Christmas sales start. Assuming there are any more Chistmases after this one.

The case against Santa Claus.

Trying to exert control over the presents your kids get is ultimately doomed to fail.

How many of the presents under your tree were made in America?

On baby names, pet names, and product names. For what it’s worth, one of Tiffany’s university friends is named Siri. I wonder what she thinks about the new iPhone gadget.

Sadly, the poor will be getting another lump of coal for Christmas. Actually, that’s not quite true – even the coal is being taken from them. By Congress, naturally.

If I told you that Ebenezer Scrooge lived in Alabama, would you have any trouble believing me?

From the “Everything old is new again” department: A “Bosom Buddies” for the new millennium.

How well can you tell your supervillains from your GOP Presidential candidates, in particular Newt Gingrich? Take the quiz and find out. I got 7 out of 10 correct.

When something is written in your name, saying that you yourself didn’t write it isn’t an excuse.

I have only unfriended a few people on Facebook. Generally speaking, they are people I shouldn’t have friended in the first place.

Generally speaking, it is better to give money to your local food bank than give canned goods to a food drive.

Is there anything Mitt RoMNEY hasn’t flip-flopped on?

More planets are good.

Where the cast of “A Christmas Story” is today.

After the busy night he had, I sure hope Santa kicks back and relaxes today.

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