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Weekend link dump for March 18

Happy day before Saint Joseph’s Day!

All hail the 2016 GOP frontrunner.

The first rule of committing crimes is to always check for cops before committing them.

I’m pretty sure Jesus would not have done this.

We’re about to get a much better view of the remains of the Titanic.

Don’t take those potty breaks you get at work for granted. Lots of people don’t get them.

Someone tell Bill Cosby that chocolate cake for breakfast isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Being able to get an annual prescription for birth control pills is probably a good idea.

Charlie Pierce is the world’s foremost interpreter of all things Palin-related.

Just a reminder to wear your seatbelt when riding in a taxicab.

I just want to know where TBogg finds his artwork.

The robot takeover is proceeding apace.

RIP, Chris Madrid. May the burgers and nachos in heaven be up to your standard.

I’m beginning to think we make “Lysistrata” required reading for all men who seek public office.

I say again, Sandra Fluke is my hero. Now let’s talk about what we want the ultimate outcome of this saga to be.

War on women? What war on women? Note who the protagonist in this one is, by the way. And maybe this is the proper response.

Better get your Encyclopaedia Britannica while you still can.

Garry Trudeau speaks about his series of transvaginal sonogram comic strips.

Oh, well, Linsanity was fun while it lasted.

When two bad actors act badly together.

For shame, Southern Miss. For shame.

I can’t believe I missed National Cordog Day again.

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