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Weekend link dump for April 8

Won’t someone please think of the Trekkies?

Instead of increasing security for standardized tests we could de-emphasize them and thus not need all that security.

News stories about people caught smuggling things in their pants are always noteworthy.

Draping is the new leisure diving.

Telling the truth may not always set you free, but it will usually get you into less trouble.

What does it say when a professional ethicist can’t recognize the right thing to do?

You would think that nearly four years after electing its first black President that America would be ready for its first black Bachelor, but apparently the latter is a more delicate question.

Dang it, I missed National PB&J Day again.

From the “I’m strong to the finich cause I eats me spinach” department.

Ta-Nehisi Coates explains to Juan Williams why Google is his friend.

“Be advised if you plan on attending the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida this summer. You can’t bring your water gun to the designated protest zones, but your concealed pistol? That’s just fine.”

I’m oddly delighted to learn that OS/2 is still alive and kicking 25 years after its debut. I was probably the last person at my office to have an OS/2 workstation.

Yes, every opportunity to bust and mock an O’Keefe wannabe should be gleefully taken.

Why electric cars are inevitable.

Science can save your life in ways you may not think about.

The Neil Young audio format is in the works.

The Republican war on caterpillars is proceeding apace. No, seriously.

You Mac owners might want to check your Java version and your anti-virus status.

Some things are about more than just politics.

You can’t cut spending without actually, you know, cutting spending.

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