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Weekend link dump for April 15

Mitt Romney has an elevator for his tax returns.

Don’t worry, but don’t be too happy, either.

I Was A Teenage Exorcist, coming up next on Fox.

Some Angry Birds physics for you.

More dinosaurs may have had feathers than you might think.

I’m surprised that the so-called “pro-lifers” haven’t been protesting fertility clinics before now. It’s a logical extension of what they say they believe.

“So when it’s time to pass pro-gun laws, emotionalism over a single incident is the order of the day. But when those laws go awry, we need to put on our Spock ears and soberly weigh all the facts and evidence in the cold light of day. That’s good to know.”

Get that last box of spicy ketchup while you still can.

It’s a shame how much politics is affecting public health policy. Nothing good can – indeed, nothing good has – come from that.

What Ashley Judd says.

The stolen phone database.

Meet Wegman’s, the anti-WalMart.

One hundred years of Yankee pinstripes.

The books may change, but the urge to ban never does.

“In over 45 years of blogging here, I have posted no more scandalous, controversial opinion than the one I’m about to confess to you: I like Shemp. Matter of fact, I think I like Shemp more than I like Curly.”

“And so it is unsettling when men who may never have experienced sex feel qualified not just to speak about it but to pronounce on it with certainty.”

It’s sure not often that I agree with the RNC, but when they’re right, they’re right.

The chattering classes are full of idiots. I know, I’m as shocked as you are.

Jackie Robinson debuted 65 years ago this week. These eleven men could have been the first black player in the majors instead of him if things had gone a little differently.

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One Comment

  1. Gary Bennett says:

    re: Wegmans. For years, we lived in the Philadelphia area, but spent a week during the summer in gorgeous Ithaca, NY. Ithaca might have been a small college town, but it had a Wegman’s (lots of Cornell students came from NYC and were spoiled). We would go through the Wegman’s store in awe (the variety of goods had to be seen to be believed), and stock up on various food stuffs that were unavailable anywhere in the Philly area (population 6 million). The irony was that just after we moved back to Texas, a Wegman’s opened in the Philadelphia suburbs!