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Weekend link dump for May 20

The browser wars are back.

Kids today aren’t interested in the culture wars. I’m there already, kids.

What’s the point of choosing a secure password if you’re going to be forced to reveal it to someone?

Facebook is killing text messaging.

The Catholic Church isn’t the only religious organization with sexual abuse issues.

I sure hope something good comes out of the war on women.

The top 40 athletes of the Title IX Era.

RIP, Donald “Duck” Dunn.

If you’re an advocate of attachment parenting, you should probably take a few cleansing breaths before reading this.

“What happens when all the things we based our icons on don’t exist any more?” You know, like the floppy disk and the telephone receiver.

Way more than you ever wanted to know about the Animaniacs.

Of course, if Mitt Romney ran a lemonade stand, he’d strip it of all its assets, fire all of its employees, and walk away with millions of dollars in bonus payments.

Some people shouldn’t have kids. Some people shouldn’t even have pets.

Fifty geeky things a kid should do by the time she’s 12. I’d say Olivia has done at least a dozen of them.

James O’Keefe continues to be a lying liar.

Megachurch pastor “grieves” over gay marriage. There’s something grievous there, all right, but it’s not what he thinks it is.

Wisconsin Democrats decry the firing of MLB arbitrator Shyam Das.

Your liberal media, hard at work.

The Louisiana State Senate grapples with the truly important issues of the day.

This is totally something Texas Republicans should adopt.

Taking economic policy advice from George W. Bush is like taking contraception advice from Bristol Palin.

Sorry, but this still won’t get me to drink coffee.

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, dude.

RIP, Donna Summer.

“It’s like Ricketts walked in from 2008 telling everyone about this great new band called MGMT. As if!”

I just want to point out that both leading contenders for the Democratic nomination for the US Senate in Texas support marriage equality.

Changes in how we perceive straight marriage have paved the way for greater acceptance of gay marriage.

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One Comment

  1. Bill Shirley says:

    Re: Facebook and SMS

    It should be illegal for the carriers to charge for text messaging. Period.

    It’s like the city of Houston delivering 1000 gallons of water to your door a month for $12, then requiring you to pay 50ยข a bottle for drinking water.