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First day EV totals

Here they are, courtesy of the County Clerk. Dems had 1,570 in person votes and 4,644 mail ballots returned out of 11,722 requested; Rs had 3,380 and 10,027 mail ballots out of 22,369 requested. There’s no point in making comparisons to 2008, and the early voting habit was not that well established in 2004 even if I had that data, so I’ll just leave these numbers to speak for themselves. I don’t know that I agree with the projections of fifty percent or more of the vote total being cast early, but I’ll run the numbers based on different levels of EV participation once we have more data in. Have you voted yet? (I did.) If so, where?

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  1. Paul Kubosh says:

    O.K. I voted at Preston. I went in with my brothers Mike, Randy, and Niece Shelley. Mike, Randy, and Shelley voted in the Republican primary. I voted in the Democrat primary. The people working the polls asked if we were all riding in the same car? 🙂

  2. In person early voting was slow early yesterday in Sabine County. I was the 16th person at the one early voting location a little after 10:30 A.M. in Hemphill, Texas.

  3. Andrew says:

    i voted today, the voting polls were a ghost town.