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Weekend link dump for August 5

Happy Contraceptive Mandate Week! Here’s something you can do to make it a little more awesome. Also, too, this and this.

You want to watch brown bears fishing for salmon, don’t you? Of course you do.

Two words: Exploding termites. You’re welcome.

The universe could come to an end six billion years earlier than originally thought. So go ahead, have dessert. Life is short.

The wingnut welfare gravy train sure is a sweet ride.

The best part about the Olympics is arguing about which sports belong in the Olympics and which ones don’t.

Maybe it would be easier to count up who would be allowed to vote in Pennsylvania under their voter ID law.

I declare this to be a Godwin’s Law corollary.

A year of gay marriage in New York. Civilization stubbornly refuses to collapse.

Universal health care is great…for other countries.

Stance versus substance. Stance usually wins.

Some tasty alternatives to Chick-Fil-A. Somewhat Houston-oriented, but that’s OK.

Gender is harder to define than you might think, and that makes gender testing at the Olympics either a challenge or a waste of time, depending on your perspective.

Speaking of the Olympics, it’s just a matter of time before joggling is an Olympic sport. Well, it should be, anyway.

I didn’t know people were still using Hotmail, to be honest.

Bridge World refers to this as “sportsmanlike dumping”. There are way more examples of it out there than you might think, and Kevin is absolutely correct to blame it on the tournament organizers.

Here’s the story of a man named Brady, who apparently took after his dad in at least one way.

“The reason Romney’s plan doesn’t work is very simple. The size of the tax cut he’s proposing for the rich is larger than all of the tax expenditures that go to the rich put together.”

“If you’ve never seen a race to the bottom, this is what it looks like.”

Have fun in Tampa, Republicans.

It takes a fraudster to catch a fraudster.

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