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Weekend link dump for October 7

Only 24 more shopping days till Halloween.

“So, honey, it’s just impossible for me to say how old The Pip will be when you’re forty-one. I’m not sure it’s even a well-defined question in a relativistic universe.”

Baseball brings us together, even in Congress.

Meet Pono, Neil Young’s digital music player.

It’s important to pronounce medical conditions correctly.

Team Obama is targeting gamers with ads where they’ll see them.

Unscrewing the inscrutable, or something like that.

Eight rules of writing, by Neil Gaiman.

Photobombed by a stingray. You’re welcome.

“Focus on the Family made 34 specific, detailed predictions about what would happen in “Obama’s America” [by October of 2012.] They came up 0-for-34.”

I lived through a cricket infestation once, my sophomore year in college. Living in a dorm, I can’t claim to remember being bothered by foul odors after the crickets started to die off. I mean, I was in a dorm, surrounded by guys. Who would have noticed the difference? Be that as it may, crickets are nasty and a swarm of them will drive you crazy. Waco, you have my sympathy.

If The Bloggess were a pastor’s wife, I imagine that’s about how she’d sound.

Sleeping with your iPad is just wrong. You might damage the screen.

The typically bizarro politics of school food calorie limits.

The intersection of sports fandom and science nerdery is a wonderful place.

I don’t think the idea of renewable marriage contracts is going to catch on, but just imagine how good some people will be as spouses during their “walk” years.

When you’ve lost Nickelback…well, I’m not sure anything bad happens.

If the Disney villains had won. Very cool.

An oldie but goodie: Why the term “statistical tie” is so often badly misused.

A mysterious hatred of fedoras. Speaking as a longtime member of The MOB, that’s just wrong.

Every voter restriction that has been challenged this year has been either enjoined, blocked or weakened.”

Big Bird and Waylon Jennings, BFFs.

You “Arrested Development” fans, this is of interest to you.

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