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Friday random ten: For the ladies, part 3

Still more songs with ladies’ names for titles.

1. Emily – Elana James
2. Emily de Muse – The Buddhacrush
3. Erin – Jiggernaut
4. Evangeline – Los Lobos
5. Fanny – Asylum Street Spankers
6. Ginger Faye – Eddie From Ohio
7. Gloria – Patti Smith
8. Gloria – Santa Esmerelda
9. Gloria – U2
10. Gloria – Van Morrison

I suppose “Erin” could be about Ireland rather than a woman. I hadn’t thought about it till just now. Oh, well. The U2 “Gloria” is not the same as the other three. Of course, those other three, while nominally the same song, are about as different from each other as it is possible to be. Maybe they’re about different Glorias. In any event, one cannot discuss the song “Gloria” without noting the time Bruce Springsteen played lead guitar for Dave Barry’s band on a rendition of “Gloria”. Sadly, I do not own this version of the song.

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