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Friday random ten: For the ladies, part 4

Happy Friday after Halloween!

1. Ida Red – Hot Club of Cowtown
2. Irene – Leadbelly
3. Isabel – Steeleye Span
4. Jackie O – John Mellencamp
5. Jamie – Trinity University Jazz Band
6. Jeannine – The Manhattan Transfer
7. Jenny Jenkins – Lisa Loeb
8. Joan Crawford – Blue Oyster Cult
9. Joanne – Michael Nesmith and the First National Band
10. Jolene – Bob Dylan

Two actual, famous ladies in this group. I don’t know, but I suspect there have been more songs written about Jackie O than about Joan Crawford. “Jamie” is one of those names that could belong to a boy or a girl. I had a good friend named Jamie at Trinity, and she is a girl, so there you have it.

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