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Weekend link dump for November 4

It’s almost over, it’s almost over, it’s almost over…

Paul Krugman writes the introduction for a new edition of Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” trilogy. You may commence having your nerdgasm now.

This is sort of like Kickstarter in reverse.

“Common sense” economic policies usually aren’t the least bit sensical.

Chocolate chirp cookies. And no, that’s not a typo.

Mitt Romney’s poverty plan is to make things even worse for poor people.

Activity forecasting will soon be a thing.

Attributing everything that happens to God’s will will take you to some highly questionably theological conclusions.

Ted Forth vs. Trick-or-Treaters. Better luck next year, dude.

A pox on lazy editorial writers.

I could have told this fellow that Ann Coulter wasn’t worth the effort to be polite. She has no compunction to act like a decent human being.

Now would be a bad time to cut emergency disaster funds, don’t you think?

Yet another reason why I’ve never understood “libertarians”.

What Tami Taylor says. Also, this, in case y’all haven’t seen it yet.

“David Brooks’ M.O. is to approach every political question from a lofty, ostensibly non-partisan perch, wheeling in the sky above the grubby partisans before descending to earth at a point that just happens to coincide with the practical needs of the Republican Party.”

Heck of a hatchet job, Brownie.

“It might be an interesting exercise to create an NCAA-style bracket competition to determine the Worst International Affairs Essay of 2012.”

Zombies want you to vote. You should do what the zombies want.

They love Greg Abbott in Belarus.

Send lawyers, guns, and money to all of the usual places. Then send more lawyers.

Michael Bloomberg endorses President Obama. Tom Friedman’s head explodes.

You should have voted early.

“If congressional Republicans are truly a destructive and irrational force in American politics—and God knows, I agree with [David] Frum about that—the answer is to fight them, not to surrender to them.”

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