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Weekend link dump for November 25

“But what I learned from this experience is that if you’re a Christian — left or right, it doesn’t matter — and if your religious convictions lead you into political activism, do not bring Jesus into it unless you’re prepared to let him shape not only the causes you support, but the way you go about it — and above all, the way you treat your political adversaries.”

Mitt’s Monthly Newsletter. Because blogging wouldn’t be fancy enough for him.

More early voting is a good thing. A Constitutional amendment affirming the right to vote that cannot be arbitrarily abridged by scurrilous elected or appointed officials would be even better.

A “grand trail” of 60 Gromit statues are to grace the streets of Bristol for 10 weeks next summer.

Retail workers need predictable schedules.

“Hostess Brands is a microcosm of what’s wrong with America”.

But cheer up. We may get Mexican Twinkies after all is said and done.

Don’t believe that the GOP has changed until you actually see them change.

Beware health apps for your smartphone, they may be based on junk science.

“On January 12, [Mike] Trout and Andrew McCutchen will receive the Oscar Charleston Award, a distinction granted by the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum to the most valuable player in each league.”

“The dirty secret of NFL football, one that the league would like to ignore, is that ticket sales are declining at a startling rate and have been over the last several years. The TV ratings are through the roof, but ticket sales are down.”

Despite the whining of their crybaby CEO, Obamacare is better to Papa John’s than they deserve.

“Obama ran his campaign like a business, outsourcing specialized tasks like media buys to outside firms and keeping a tight rein on costs. Conversely, Romney ran his campaign like a millionaire’s personal fiefdom, figuring that his buddies could do the job as well as anyone else.”

What Miguel de la Torre says.

Eight ways President Obama can unilaterally implement much of his agenda.

“The bottom line is that this economy, at its root, is built on a web of scientific knowledge from physics to chemistry to biology. It’s impossible to just cherry pick out parts we don’t like.”

Another example of why outsourcing customer service is so often a lousy idea.

“Thanksgiving + Hostess bankruptcy = Twinkie-stuffed turkeys. It’s simple math, people.”

Where the term “Black Friday” came from.

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