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Weekend link dump for December 30

I don’t know about you, but this was one of those years that I thought would never end.

America’s worst bosses. All are responsible for at least one large payout of a discrimination-related lawsuit.

The worst columns of 2012. I have no idea how they managed to stop at 50.

The top physics breakthroughs since the last Mayan apocalypse.

How to calculate your birthday using Maya Long Count.

You will need to work for almost two months to cover your health care costs for this year.

It’s the so-called “fiscal cliff” for a reason.

The 2012 Hack List. Boy, talk about a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Seven lessons learned about airlines in 2012.

Thanks to its paywall, the NY Times is now earning more from subscriptions than from advertising.

“That’s exactly what is worrying the Pope. He fears the opinions people form in their own consciences will lead them away from the doctrines set forth by the church.” Maybe what the Pope should really fear is that it’s Church doctrine that’s wrong.

And maybe this is why the Pope’s Twitter feed went all gloom and doom so quickly.

Ron Paul is not a fan of the NRA’s armed-guard-in-every-school proposal.

Why do the Koch brothers hate hurricane victims?

RIP, Charles Durning and Jack Klugman.

Oh, and I actually remember those orphan drug episodes of “Quincy” back in the day. I didn’t realize they had such lasting consequences, however.

Some of the people we’ll miss who left us in 2012.

Conservatives go cruising. Hijinks ensues.

“Anyone who really wants deficit reduction immediately — as tea party activists have claimed since they got started — should support plunging over the fiscal cliff as fast as possible. No other possible outcome could do more for reducing federal budget deficits than simply carrying out the policies due to take effect in the next several days.” Of course, tea partiers have never been concerned with reducing the deficit per se – it’s all about reducing their taxes, and reducing spending on people they don’t like.

Pete Peterson rules our world. Unfortunately.

“To recap: a major tea party group, which claims to be totally grassroots and not at all astroturfy, went through a coup carried out by a former House majority leader, his wife, and a gun-wielding aide, only to have the coup reversed through millions funneled through secret “corporations” by a donor whose business is for-profit cancer treatment (which is in no way related to FreedomWorks’ fierce opposition to health care reform). Republicans certainly do put the fun in dysfunctional.” Also, this. And that’s way more Dick Armey than anyone needs.

People like this set the bar just a little too high for the rest of us, you know?

Pope Lando II would totally make me want to be Catholic again.

How exactly is it that Westboro isn’t already classified as a hate group?

“The next question is pretty straightforward: can poor and disadvantaged kids have the same access to quality health care as kids from wealthy families?” There are no vouchers for that.

Hobby Lobby has gone renegade. I hope there are consequences for that.

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