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This blog goes to eleven

As of today, I have been writing this blog for eleven years. One runs out of dinosaur analogies after awhile, so let’s say that in Internet terms, this blog appeared at about the same time as the trilobite. I don’t have anything deep to say, just a thank you to all of you who read this blog, and especially those of you that respond to what I write. I learn more from the feedback I get than anything else I do here. I’ve met a lot of interesting people and made a number of good friends through this blog, and I continue to enjoy the writing that I do. Thanks for helping to make this as much fun as it has been and continues to be. Happy New Year, y’all.

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  1. Robert Nagle says:

    Congrats. I hit my 11th a while back. Fun fact: I did my second blog post on the day I got laid off from Dell in 2001. I was killing time while waiting nervously to learn if I would be canned or not.

  2. Congratulations; thanks for being a font of information and a spur to the indolent (me.)

  3. Paul Kubosh says:

    Congrats….I try to read your blog everyday. It keeps me up to date on what really going on in Houston. I even agree with you sometimes. 🙂

  4. Bill Shirley says:

    Congrats. One of these days I’ll get up on my soapbox and make you post a guest op from me. 🙂