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Weekend link dump for January 13

Be on the lookout for pantsless people today.

Triskadekaphobes, unite! You have nothing to lose but your mild anxiety. The Bloggess can be your patron saint.

The top ten skywatching events to look for this year.

“There are many advantages in this world to knowing June Foray and that was one of them.”

“I really like that computer you’re wearing.” “Oh, this old thing? I just threw it on because I had nothing else clean.”

John Scalzi on how his first novel came to be published, beginning ten years ago.

“It is striking to what degree the Washington establishment has come to normalize Republican hostage-taking of the debt limit, to see it as a predictable and almost natural element of the political landscape.”

Who controls our online legacies after we die?

Along those lines, you can be Facebook dead without being actually dead.

Do you like Cool Whip? You may not after clicking that link.

Whose face should be on the trillion dollar platinum coin?

Fifteen-year-old Neil Ibata has co-authored a study on dwarf galaxies. What were you doing when you were 15?

You get what you pay for with free apps.

We’ve already done a ton of deficit reduction. It would be nice if the people who insist on nattering about the deficit would at least acknowledge that.

“Studio quality video of giant squid finally in hand”. Awesome.

To me, selling out necessarily involves prostituting one’s art and/or talent in the service of selling something other than one’s own work. Think “This Note’s For You”.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Christianity Today is required by law to provide every member of its staff access to booze and porn.”

In case you’ve ever wondered what a brontosaurus burger might be like.

It is entirely within Congress’ power to make call time a relic of the past. Not that it will ever happen.

Are the Republicans signaling a retreat on the debt ceiling? Even the Chamber of Commerce wants the GOP to release the hostage and back down.

Which Monopoly token would you vote to discard?

Tina Fey + the Muppets = awesome. Make this happen, universe!

Remember the name Mary Gonzalez, the first openly gay woman to be elected to the State Legislature.

This is not the petition response you’re looking for.

Science, schmience.

RIP, Aaron Swartz.

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  1. Bob Mabry says:

    June Foray link in dump no good. Try this.
    Great story.

  2. Bob – Working now. Thanks!