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SCOTUS has not taken up the Texas redistricting lawsuit yet

Texas Redistricting:

No decision announced [Friday at the Supreme Court about whether the court will hear the Texas redistricting case.

The court, however, could issue additional orders on Monday.

The Justices haven’t had these briefs for long, so it’s not surprising they haven’t taken action yet. They have conferences on January 11 and 18, and on February 15 and 22, so we’ll know soon enough what they intend to do. As noted previously by Texas Redistricting, the Justices can summarily affirm the decision of the district court, dismiss the appeal for not being a question they need to take up, or they could set the case for oral argument before the full court, which would probably happen in March or April. That’s also the order of the outcomes from best to worst, from a Democratic perspective. We’ll see if the Supremes have something to tell us next Friday.

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