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Yes, Dewhurst is running for re-election

I know you were dying to know.

Sad Dewhurst is sad

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who has signaled before that he plans to run for re-election, punctuated his plans with some extreme math in a Friday interview.

“I am 101 percent firm on running for re-election. You will see a number of things that I will be doing over the next six months to move aggressively to win the primary,” said Dewhurst.

Some have speculated that Dewhurst’s U.S. Senate loss to conservative insurgent Ted Cruz might dampen his enthusiasm for a primary battle, which he’s sure to face if he runs again.


Asked for an example of what he’ll be doing to win the 2014 primary for lieutenant governor, Dewhurst said he would draw on a lesson from his runoff against Cruz.

“We’ll be working towards lining up our voters. If I learned anything, it’s … you need to organize and be able to turn out your voters and don’t wait ’til the last minute to do it, especially during the hot summer when everyone’s on vacation,” Dewhurst said.

Peggy Fikac had previously reported that Dewhurst’s campaign had already held a “re-election reception” for him and his closest super-rich friends, so this isn’t a surprise. What Dewhurst plans to do to try to win that upcoming primary isn’t a surprise, either – he’s going to tack hard right and hope that the true believers buy it. Burka thinks that’s a bad bet, and I tend to agree, though I don’t agree that Dewhurst deserves any sympathy for the bad year he’s had. Outside of the allegedly thieving campaign manager, the fix he’s in is entirely due to his own actions. It’s also likely to be bad this year, though probably worse for the rest of us than for the Dew.

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