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Weekend link dump for January 20

Hail to the Chief, it’s the Chief that we are hailing…

Woo hoo! Flying cars! About damn time.

Google wind. That’s a noun, not a verb.

How to not be a menace during cold and flu season.

These eight words come in handy in many other contexts as well.

The semi-open gay lives of some professional athletes.

The public health benefits of bikini waxing. Yes, I said “public”.

A more honest description of each Best Picture nominee.

The so-called “performance enhancing drug” problem is a lot older than you might think.

I agree that the Washington NFL franchise needs to change its name, but “Hail to the best Skins” just doesn’t scan.

How to disable Java in your browser. Might want to bookmark that for future reference, assuming anyone still uses bookmarks.

There’s no crying in space. Sort of.

Jodie Foster did not impress Andrew Sullivan.

Voter flatulence is the real problem.

“So the two years Obama and Boehner have spent trying to deflect, delay, and placate the mania of the tea party seem to have finally come to an end point.” God help us all.

It sure didn’t take Steve Stockman very long to remind everyone why we were so glad to be rid of him in 1996.

“So here is my recommendation for who President Obama should invite to give the benediction at his inauguration ceremony: No one.”

How do people who don’t have widespread networks of friends and fans put pressure on recalcitrant entities to fix their errors?

Earth’s long lost twin has been found.

Wayne Dobson doesn’t have your cellphone.

The march towards equality continues apace.

If you’re going to sneak vegetables into your kids’ food, be prepared for the guilt.

There’s a reason why the phrase “Very Serious People” is a putdown.

“Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.”

I think Dan Rather Scared My Mom would make an excellent band name.

Dana Milbank says what I’ve been saying for awhile about Steve Stockman.

RIP, Conrad Bain, a/k/a Mr. Drummond from “Diff’rent Strokes”.

The greatest screenplay never made.

Pity the poor six-figure earners. Won’t someone please think of them?

Defining impeachment down.

The Manti Te’o thing…man, I don’t even know what to say. Actually, I do know one thing to say, and that’s that if you’re going to read about that, you should read about Lizzy Seeberg as well.

A worthy honor for Victoria Soto.

RIP, Pauline Phillips, a/k/a Dear Abby.

“Remember Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope”? Looking back, I was struck by the audacity of his five boldest 2008 promises: universal health care, ending the war in Iraq, killing Osama bin Laden, passing comprehensive immigration reform and creating a cap-and-trade system to reduce global warming. The president kept all but the last two promises, and by this time next year, he could be 4-for-5, with only carbon trading still outstanding.”

Poor David Brooks. So much cognitive dissonance, so little time.

Where are the 27th Amendment absolutists when you really need them?

RIP, Earl Weaver, one of the best – and most colorful – to ever manage a game of baseball.

And RIP, Stan The Man Musial. Been a rough month for the Hall of Fame, hasn’t it?

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  1. “Universal health coverage?” Not in Texas, and almost certainly not in the rest of the USA, either. Obama deliberately passed on universal coverage in favor of making private, for-profit insurors the gatekeepers to health care. That, plus leaving his program in the hands of hostile state governors and legislatures, is why Obamacare will fail- and bring our health care system crashing down with it.