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Abbott reportedly tells the money people he’s running for Governor

One would think that if Greg Abbott were to tell anybody what his 2014 plans are, it would be the money people.

Still not Greg Abbott

A source who has spoken with Republican donors says Attorney General Greg Abbott is saying he’ll run for governor next year, challenging Rick Perry. With the 83rd Texas Legislative Session underway this week, Gov. Perry says he’s focused on state business not re-election.

“I’ll make my decision about what I’m going to do at the appropriate time, which will be June, July of this year,” he said.

But until then, he can’t raise any money.

State law doesn’t allow Perry to accept campaign cash from Dec. 8 until after the regular session, June 17. The blackout covers Abbott, too.

However, a Republican source who knows of fundraising activity at this level told News 8 that, ahead of that December deadline, Abbott told big donors eager to back him in a run for governor that he would.

When asked for a reaction Thursday by KVUE-TV in Austin, Perry recalled the last prominent Republican to challenge him in a primary.

“Sen. Hutchison also announced that she was going to run for governor back in 2009 so everybody gets the freedom to do that,” Perry said of the just retired senator he easily beat in 2010. “I’m real focused, which I hope the General is, too, on this legislative session.”

I like the way When In Session characterized Perry’s response:

I can’t quite see Perry and Abbott as Wesley and Inigo, however.

So does this mean anything? Burka thinks Abbott is running and that Perry will not run. PDiddie and BOR take it seriously as well. Me, I’m still waiting to hear the words from the horse’s mouth. I did want to get another opinion on this, so I asked three Magic Eight Balls. In response to my question “Will Greg Abbott run for Texas governor?”, I got one “Without a doubt”, one “Most likely”, and one “Ask again later”. I don’t think it gets any more definitive than that.

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