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Weekend link dump for January 27

Jimmy Carter makes a stand for equality. I hope many of his fellow Baptists follow him.

There are a lot of things we don’t know about gun violence.

The HP Lovecraft problem.

On “healthwashing” Girl Scout cookies.

When a (Yankees fan) man loves a (Red Sox fan) woman.

Beware the rogue cloud.

Google says “Death to passwords”. We’re getting closer to that.

The kittenings will continue until morale improves.

What life in North Korea is like (see also here), from the perspective of a visitor. Executive summary: “Like The Truman Show, at country scale.”

5 People Shot At 3 Different Gun Shows On Gun Appreciation Day“. Irony laughs its ass off.

We need a Big Deal over the next four years and beyond.

“The idea that the world’s biggest radioactive wasteland could become Europe’s largest wildlife sanctuary is completely counterintuitive for anyone raised on nuclear dystopias.”

Who wants to give birth to a Neanderthal?

Happy 50th birthday, Hakeem Olajuwon!

A proof of the Pythagorean Theorem that even math-phobic people can understand.

Please set your software free, OFA.

So long, Gallup. Hope you’ve learned from the experience.

People like Tucker Carlson are always freaking out about something, so why let it influence your decision making?

Putting a prosecutor in charge of the SEC sounds like a good idea to me.

So long, Sarah. Good luck finding a job.

Three cheers for Ashley Broadway.

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One Comment

  1. Bill Shirley says:

    gun appreciation, math and/or english unappreciation: “3 people were shot, both were transported to the hospital”