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Friday random ten: That’s just super

Ten super songs for Super Sunday.

1. Super Freak – Big Daddy
2. Super Frog – Asylum Street Spankers
3. Super Trouper – from “Mamma Mia”
4. Champagne Supernova – Oasis
5. John Lee Supertaster – They Might Be Giants
6. Ode To A Superhero – Weird Al Yankovic
7. Sonic Superslide – The Go-Go’s
8. Superman – R.E.M.
9. Supernatural Thing – Part 1 – Ben E. King
10. Superstition – Stevie Ray Vaughan

I guess I’m rooting for the 49ers in the game, but I don’t really feel that strongly about it, and stuff like this is making me reconsider even my mostly unenthusiastic support. But hey, it’s the last meaningful football game for six months, so I may as well enjoy it. Who are you rooting for and why?

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