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Day One runoff EV totals

Here’s your Day One runoff EV report for the SD06 election. For comparison purposes, here’s the final report from the first round. This isn’t apples to apples, of course, because there were 12 EV days in Round 1 whereas there will only be seven days this time, but note that the in person total yesterday exceeds the in person plus mail ballots from Day One in Round One, the mail ballots returned yesterday is greater than any two days from Round One, and the total mail ballots sent is 30% more than the total mail ballots sent last time, with more likely still to be sent. Point being, even with the compressed schedule, the potential exists for a greater number of early voters in the runoff, which is consistent with my hypothesis that the total turnout this time around could match or exceed Round One. Too early to say for sure, of course, but keep an eye on it. Houston Politics has more.

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