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Weekend link dump for March 10

What self-inflicted crisis is next on the agenda? I’ve lost track.

Ain’t no party like a toddler birthday party, ’cause a toddler birthday party don’t quit till everyone loses their pants and pees on their shoes.

A Lego Hogwarts that will make Olivia insanely jealous.

This is a lousy reason to build a park.

You cannot make a deal with Congressional Republicans because Congressional Republicans don’t want to make a deal. Anyone who doesn’t understand this should have their pundit license revoked.

I’m rooting for BlackBerry to succeed. I don’t do BlackBerry work any more, but I still believe in the product.

Don’t make it easy for someone to steal your identity.

Why are there so many arguments about rainbows, and the implications of putting a comma between two clauses of a song lyric?

I hold doors for people because it’s the polite thing to do. It’s not complicated.

RIP, Gaynelle Griffin Jones, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1993 as the first black woman to be United States attorney for the Southern District of Texas.

A look at the effort to fight piracy of TV shows online.

Mark Sanford learned absolutely nothing from his “Appalachian Trail” experience.

This largely captures how I feel about the whole “steroid” thing in baseball.

“I have further explored the matter at length and determined that, in my haste, I treated Senator Sessions’s claims far too generously. Senator Sessions’s combination of ignorance and gross lack of intellectual standards turns out to be even more horrifying than I managed to initially communicate.” Don’t mess with Jonathan Chait, y’all.

Aurochs, mammoths, thylacines, and passenger pigeons. I hope I live long enough to see them all live again.

“Slower than gossip sites like TMZ or Perez Hilton, leavened by a lower cute-animal-slideshow density (and without the substantive content that’s subsidized by it) of Buzzfeed, without either the bravado of Maxim or the suavity of Esquire when it comes to objectifying actresses, and minus even the reviews and Q&As that makes a site like Big Hollywood a window into actual right-wing thought about culture, the Daily Caller imitates many outlets, but masters no one else’s approach, and has no original schtick of its own to offer.”

Oh, and they stink as a newsgathering outfit, too.

“In my opinion, David Brooks has an unparalleled ability to shape an intellectually interesting idea into the rhetorical arc of an 800-word op-ed piece. The trouble is, a central part of his genius is choosing the little factoids that perfectly illustrate his points. No doubt he’s happy enough to use a true fact if the right one comes to hand, but whenever I’ve checked, the details have turned out to be somewhere between mischaracterized and invented.”

“So I would say that the problem isn’t that we do ask women about their spouses and child-care arrangements, but that we don’t ask men those same questions.”

If a Republican elected official is denouncing government spending on something science-related there’s an excellent chance that they either don’t understand what they’re denouncing, or they’re being misleading about it. Possibly both.

It’s the mosquitoes’ world. We just live in it.

Roy sums up Dronapalooza better than I can.

Folks outside Texas have by now a pretty good idea of just how awful our current Governor is. I hate to tell you, but if he retires or loses in a primary to Attorney General Greg Abbott, you’ll see that he had no monopoly on awfulness in this state.

Even the Count can miscount if the numbers are big enough.

It’s fine with me if Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio want to waste their time on stuff like this. It’ll distract them from doing stuff that might have an effect.

“While it seems admirable to protect even sources who come forward with an unprovable story, protecting sources now known to have been pushing a fraudulent story is a different thing.”

This is so horrible, I don’t even know what to say.

And for the record, I love Daylight Saving Time.

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