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Weekend link dump for July 7

These jokes are smarter than you are.

Getting a diagnosis of something is not always beneficial.

A first person account with advice on reporting sexual harassment, in particular at a convention. And what to do about it.

What would you see in a box made of mirrors? I don’t know about you, but I see Benoit Mandelbrot nodding his head.

Having a baby is expensive, complicated, and potentially health-threatening. And that’s for those who are lucky enough to have insurance and a good employment situation.

No, Superman could not punch someone into space.

Logos for scientists. Awesome.

“I thought rhinos and hippos were the same species, Hippos were the girls and rhinos were boys.” I’m not sure how many of these are true and how many are people making jokes, but I do believe some of them are really true.

How would you like to suppress the vote today?

“Until there are actual costs to making money by particular means, it will remain true […] that you can never be too rich.”

Marketing fail. Clorox style.

What happens in Texas often gets exported. So watch out.

On having it all, the male perspective.

“Free checking” is just other words for lots of hidden fees.

What would Tami Taylor do?

We keep finding new ways to screw low-wage workers.

RIP, AltaVista. Google it if you’ve never heard of ’em.

So I guess that whole “Republican minority outreach” thing is most sincerely dead now.

The Minnesota Twins presented Mariano Rivera with a rocking chair made out of the bats he had broken pitching against him. How awesome is that?

Apparently, there are gay marshmallows. Who knew?

RIP, Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the mouse.

The Marfa Playboy Bunny has been ruled to be a road sign, and therefore must be taken down because it had no permit.

“[M]ore guns were reported lost or stolen in Texas than in any other state in the country”.

“Christians have become known for a deeply distorted moral agenda by elevating the anti-gay cause to the top of their public ethics, and this in a world afflicted by war, hunger, ecological disaster and all manner of social injustice.”

Even Republicans admit that the whole IRS “scandal” was a total nothingburger. Not that this will stop them from claiming that it wasn’t, of course.

RIP, Texas Johnny Brown, blues legend.

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