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Weekend link for July 14

Happy Bastille Day, y’all.

“A good fortuneteller can make $200,000 to $300,000 a year easily.”

Sadly, there’s a dozen rabid weasels problem in many organizations.

Most “spider bites” are not actually caused by spiders.

“A few moments ago Google processed the RIAA’s latest batch of copyright takedowns making the organization the music industry’s top sender of DMCA notices. Just ahead of the BPI, the RIAA has now removed more than 25 million URL listings from the world’s largest search engine. But with no clear end in sight, the boss of a UK-based anti-piracy company says the situation is actually getting worse, and it’s all thanks to website blocking.”

RIP, WebTV, as of September.

So what happens when insurance companies refuse to play ball with Second Amendment absolutists?

First Weiner, now Spitzer. Did the entire city of New York violate a crypt or something?

Wingnut artificial turf group spreads misinformation about Obamacare. Film at 11.

“There are exceptions, but the rule is that people are on Big Brother specifically because nobody and nothing will miss them. They don’t have the desire of Amazing Race contestants to see the world, or of Survivor contestants to compete physically and try life out in the elements. They just want to sit here, on television, on a big set, doing nothing.”

Ana Marie Cox gives James O’Keefe’s love note to himself the review it deserves.

The first rule of interviewing Selena Gomez is don’t talk about Justin Bieber.

Happy 85th birthday, sliced bread, the greatest thing since whatever the greatest thing before sliced bread was.

RIP, Chase, bat dog for the Trenton Thunder.

“Democrats have a problem with Southern whites, not all whites.”

Costumes are not consent.

Of course Elizabeth Hasselbeck is moving to Fox. The only surprise is why she wasn’t there already.

If evangelicals are becoming even less tolerant of marriage equality, then the increasing shift in overall acceptance of it shows just how far everyone else has come on the issue.

Twenty-eight SyFy movies even more awesome than Sharknado. How in the world did I miss Chupacabra Versus The Alamo, starring Erik Estrada?!?

“If none of this assuages your sharknado-based fears, the federal government is here to help.”

And now, enjoy the GIFs, Vines, and Tweets that were spawned by Sharknado. You’re welcome.

Old time sounds that you don’t hear anymore.

“The idea that there is a ideological divide or set of philosophical questions or priorities that makes some libertarians embrace the Confederacy and secession and despise Abraham Lincoln while others do not is, to put it generously, nonsense.”

You can push that point further, too.

RIP, Toshi Seeger, wife of legendary folksinger Pete Seeger.

“Rabidly political evangelicals who revile LGBT people in the most vicious terms remain welcome in the tribe. Bible-quoting, Jesus-loving evangelicals who refuse to condemn LGBT people have crossed a boundary and are no longer welcome. The news and entertainment media did not create that boundary, the tribal gatekeepers did.”

Dang it, I missed Manhattanhenge again this year.

“This is just another example of why Harry Reid might actually go through with filibuster reform this year: there’s simply nothing that Democrats can do anymore to get even the most modest cooperation from Republicans.”

But for the man’s negligence in carrying a loaded gun and chasing and pursuing the teen, after being told not to by the police, there would have been no physical confrontation and the teen would be alive.”

RIP, Chuck Foley, inventor of the board game “Twister”.

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