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Waiting to hear about New Dome financing

Just a reminder that the process is still in progress.

Two weeks ago, the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation presented its vision for a 194 million dollar project dubbed THE NEW DOME EXPERIENCE. It included turning the inside into a multi-purpose facility that could be used for a variety of events. The exterior will be turned into a plaza with green space, restaurants and retail. Harris County Judge Ed Emmett says right now, county money crunchers are vetting the proposal.

“The budget management office is looking at it, determing exactly what the cost would be and looking at financial options, and then they’ll come back to us with a recommendation.”

He says discussion on the elaborate project will be throrough but won’t go on indefinitely.

“We’re bumping up against a potential timeline of, I think it’s sometime in August, if we’re gonna get it on the November ballot as a bond initiative. And so, we understand that deadline.”

Emmett says the budget office is exploring ways to finance the porject, and the county attorney will then determine how soon the plan can be put on a ballot as a bond referendum.

“I’ve always said that anytime you’re talking about spending upwards of 100 million dollars, close to 200 million dollars, that that’s a bond issue and that would involve the voters. The facility belongs to the voters. It belongs to the taxpayers of Harris County so, ultimately what happens to it, needs to be their decision.”

At last report, the budget office was supposedly going to be ready to come back to Commissioners Court on August 1. Election Day is November 6, the statutory deadline for putting a bond issue on the ballot is 75 days before then, which I calculate to be August 22, and a look at the Court’s calendar (scroll down to the second to last page) says that the last meeting before then is August 13. That’s also the only meeting between August 1 and August 22, so unless the budget folks can be prepared for July 23, it’s the only chance the Court will get to make a decision about this. Mark the date, y’all. Link via Swamplot.

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  2. Barry Klein says:

    My calendar says November 5 is general election day.