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Weekend link dump for September 8

The surprisingly conservative origins of streaking.

Three words: Deep fried Nutella. You’re welcome.

More energy efficient football stadiums, please.

From the Eats, Shoots and Leaves department.

“Imagine if, instead of just getting annoyed when the phone rings and it’s a telemarketer or robocaller, you were delighted. Not because you were eager to speak with them, but because you gave out a toll number instead of your real phone number, and telemarketers had to pay to call you.”

“Mandatory drug testing for welfare benefits is unfair and immoral. Drug use isn’t a problem of poverty; it’s found among all groups and classes. Indeed, if we’re going to test welfare applicants—who receive trifling sums of money from the government—it makes as much sense to test bailout-receiving bankers, loan-backed students, defense contractors, tax-supported homeowners, married couples with children (who receive tax credits), and politicians, who aren’t strangers to drug use.”

RIP, Lusty Lady, the country’s first and only unionized strip club.

Real fame in the Internet age is for someone to cosplay as you at a Con, and to be totally recognizable in doing so.

RIP, David Frost.

I still don’t get the whole smart watch thing.

FYI, Ted Cruz lies a lot.

How the 401(k) revolution created a few big winners and many losers.

Congrats to John Scalzi for winning the Hugo for Best Novel.

Die, robocaller, die!

I’d have been about 11 cm shorter a century or so ago.

If you happen to find yourself in the town of Colcord, Oklahoma, whatever you do, don’t drink the water. You can thank me later.

Three more words: Deep fried soup. How is this not on the menu at the State Fair of Texas?

The Baltimore Ravens will promote Obamacare in Maryland.

What do you think the state motto and official state song of Whinyassistan should be?

If comparing your rhetorical or political opponents to Hitler is a violation of Godwin’s Law, then I say comparing yourself to Churchill fighting against Hitler in a rhetorical or political context is a corollary to that. I say it should be called the Cheney Corollary to Godwin’s Law.

“350-million-year-old Gondwana supercontinent land creature discovered”. Awesome.

Don’t trust a chicken nugget that’s visited China. Roger that.

“The proper question isn’t whether [Rand] Paul can maintain a tactical alliance with the Christian Right; it’s whether constitutional conservatives like Paul can maintain a tactical alliance with actual libertarians.”

The employment situation would be so much better if we hadn’t cut so many government jobs over the past few years.

Obamacare “sticker shock” will be because of affordable prices, not high prices.

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  1. Ross says:

    How is it that all of the studies indicate that insurance will be less expensive than large employer plans, which are self funded and merely administered (for a pretty small fee) by insurance companies?

  2. Ross says:

    Just where is the money to pay all these “needed” government workers going to come from? It’s not like governments are running surpluses now.