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Weekend link dump for September 15

How to recognize and avoid falling victim to phishing attacks. If you don’t know what “phishing” is (it has nothing to do with these guys), you definitely need to click that link.

You want to know why some people are successful in politics? This is one reason why some people are successful in politics.

Hey, DC Comics, let us see Kate and Maggie’s wedding already.

The Simpsons as you’ve never seen them before.

“The results were striking: Drudge headlines featuring a variety of terms linked to race appeared more frequently after 2008, when Barack Obama’s presidential campaign kicked into full gear.”

Get ready for another wave of climate change disinformation from the usual suspects.

Along those lines, meet the Greenwashing Hypocrite Of The Year, if not the Decade.

Grocery stores keep amping up the technology to stay competitive.

Soon, even long passwords won’t be terribly effective against determined hackers.

“So is Aereo’s ascendance inevitable? On the legal front, the answer appears to be yes.”

The entire plot to the opera “Carmen”, as told by Facebook posts.

Bad tech conference organizer! No biscuit.

“The impact of the Law & Order franchise on society, and particularly on potential jurors, has been greatly understudied”.

“In other words, as long as there’s booze, gullibility and a pasture nearby, cow tipping will live on”.

Republican Congressional obstruction versus state-level Republican voter suppression.

The cult of shareholder value is a thing that needs to die.

Hey, Mudcat, thanks for demonstrating why so many folks thought your schtick a decade ago was a load of hooey.

“This is the kind of news coverage about a study that results in science and journalism about science losing credibility.”

What Joe Romm says about Naomi Klein.

Nearly three times more children and teens were injured by guns in 2010 than the number of US soldiers wounded in action that year in the war in Afghanistan; 82 children under five died from guns in 2010, compared to 55 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.”

Once again, the Marfa roadside Playboy bunny is a goner.

I’d make a lousy conspiracy theorist, because stuff like this just never occurs to me.

You know, if Mitch McConnell had a soul, I might be tempted to feel some sympathy for him.

“So [JK] Rowling is writing her own Hobbit, basically.”

Towards that end, here are five ideas for Potter spinoffs. I particularly like #s 4 and 5.

Now that we are officially an interstellar species, can we expect a visit from the Enterprise away team, inviting us to join the Federation? Or is achieving warp speed still a prerequisite for that?

For all the progress that’s been made with LGBT acceptance in sports, there’s still a lot more to be done.

And it’s one, two, two strikes you’re out…

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