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Weekend link dump for November 10

The 2014 filing season is now officially open.

Sometimes, finding nothing is really something.

Hopefully, this Captain James Kirk won’t encounter any Klingons.

“Getting injured while having sex on a business trip does not qualify you for workers’ comp benefits.” In Australia, anyway.

What Bill Gates is up to these days. Well worth your time to read.

How to erase yourself from the Internet if for some reason you wanted to. Are there still Usenet archives out there? Because if there are, I could never fully disappear.

If you don’t know the cause of your problems, you probably won’t be too clear on what the solutions to those problems are, either.

One reason for those “rate shock” stories you hear is insurance companies behaving badly, sending customers deceptive letters about their renewal options.

People don’t like to fly anymore, and it’s hard to blame them.

“Today, we have 50 states carved into one another, often capriciously. The map is a product of conflicting land grants from foreign powers, long-forgotten political battles (including some violent ones), historical oddities, and limited surveying capacity. States are gerrymandered just as badly as House districts, but they don’t have the benefit of being redrawn after every census.”

“There are more extreme conservatives than extreme liberals, and the extreme wingers really and truly believe that Democrats are destroying America. There just aren’t that many lefties who believe the same thing about Republicans. The truth is that the American left is basically pretty moderate. If you want an explanation for why liberals don’t have the same apocalyptic approach to politics as tea party conservatives, that’s why. It’s simple.”

I like Daylight Savings Time, but even if I didn’t I would not support any plan to reduce the number of time zones in the continental United States.

Getting rid of the TV sports blackout rules would be a good thing.

“So tiny fish are eating all our litter. Does that mean it’s okay to stop recycling?” (Spoiler alert: No.)

“Did you know that on November 1, millions of Americans suffered painful cuts to nutritional assistance? Not a single Sunday-morning talk-show mentioned it.”

Please tell me this guy lost. I can’t bring myself to Google it.

“By the eighth page I was emitting a stricken woofle like a bulldog that has been denied cake.” Now that’s how you write a book review.

“One of the biggest mysteries about T. rex has nagged palaeontologists for more than a century: what use did the giant have for arms so stubby that they could not even have reached its mouth?”

Swedish moviegoers will soon know if their films pass the Bechdel test or not. Of course, not passing that test doesn’t necessarily mean that the film in question isn’t feminist in nature. as with many things, one measurement is often not enough.

RIP Ace Parker, at the time of his death the oldest member of the NFL Hall of Fame.

“For every person who is pissed off at having their junk insurance policy cancelled and has to sign up for a new one, there are dozens who are elated that they can finally have just a little bit of breathing room in their lives because they finally will have health insurance.”

Mike Bloomberg rules your food world, whether you like it or not.

“The Affordable Care Act is the closest we have gotten to a health system that cares for all citizens. Catholic hospitals and Catholic Charities should be among the leaders in signing people up for coverage, and the bishops should be directing their staff to find ways to make the program better.”

Hawaii gets moving on marriage equality.

“How about we let everyone who got a threatening letter from an insurance company buy in to Medicare?”

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