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Weekend link dump for November 24

Better take your turkey out of the freezer soon.

Organized youth football is seeing a sharp drop in participation. Concern about head injuries are a big part of that.

This story about children being adopted from overseas and then abused and in some cases killed by parents that had no business adopting them just breaks my heart.

When the husband is in charge of the wedding invitations.

The auto mechanic that could save the lives of many babies and mothers.

From the Better Late Than Never department, a newspaper in Pennsylvania retracts its editorial from 1863 that called the Gettsyburg Address “silly”. As SciGuy notes, that was still over 200 years less than it took the Catholic Church to apologize to Galileo.

From the Fear The Beard Just A Little Too Much department.

One credit card to charge them all.

If you’re astroturfing, you’re losing.

Virus shedding probably doesn’t mean what you think it means, especially if you are anti-vaccine.

Death of Facebook predicted. Film at 11.

The Marfa Playboy bunny sculpture has been moved to Dallas.

“Americans spend 17.7 percent of GDP on health care. No one else spends even 12 percent. Let’s make that more concrete: If Americans only spent 12 percent of GDP on health care we would have saved $893 billion in 2012.”

“There is only one problem with elevating young people’s tastes this way: Kids are often wrong. There is little evidence to support the idea that the youth have any closer insight on the future than the rest of us do.”

I thought Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was already the subject of a reality TV show. You mean to say this hasn’t been a put on? Wait, never mind. The universe was just kidding after all.

#AskJPM what it feels like to fail that hard.

Privatizing parking meters is a bad deal for cities.

States that have their own health insurance exchanges are seeing a surge of enrollments in November. By the way, is now able to handle about 20,000 simultaneous users. Just so you know.

“Virtually no prominent pastor wanted to talk about the uninsured poor in their midst.”

Lizz Winstead, Sarah Silverman, and a giant stuffed vulva walk into a bar. Well, not exactly, but hilarity ensued anyway.

Celebrating the golden anniversary of a failed rapture prediction is kind of a tricky thing to do.

Clearly, some marriages were destined to fail.

The surviving members of Monty Python will reunite for a stage show.

“The AFA is ostensibly a Christian organization, but the way it determines what counts as naughty or nice rewards effectively companies for how intensely they commercialize the birth of Christ.”

RIP, WinAmp, for those of you that may have been using it.

If we’re going to bust the filibuster, we’re going to go ahead and fill all those judicial vacancies ASAP, right?

A-Rod makes sportswriters lose their minds, which brings into question the objectivity and accuracy of his coverage.

Voting to let drug addicts die of starvation isn’t a very nice thing to do, but it is particularly galling coming from someone who admittedly cannot control his alcohol consumption and who likes to use cocaine.”

Obamacare turns out to be a pretty good deal for House Speaker John Boehner.

You know who needs the health insurance exchanges to work? Republicans, that’s who.

Three words: Pecan Pie Pringles. I got nothing.

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  1. Noel Freeman says:

    Great call on the turkey reminder. I opened the fridge this morning and realized I had forgotten to move the bird from freezer to fridge last night, so I got a good chuckle from seeing your reminder.