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Weekend link dump for December 1

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling…

You may have to wait a few more years for that self-driving car you’ve been lusting after.

Do you want to see what a bunch of music stars who died young might look like today? If you do, there you go.

The odds are pretty good that you are not being persecuted.

“Christians haven’t been reading the Bible this way for 2,000 years, because for most of the last 2,000 years, most Christians weren’t reading the Bible at all.”

Why Neville Longbottom is the most important character in the Harry Potter books.

The city of Philadelphia has banned 3-D gun printing. Lawsuit will be filed in 3…2…

Any memo that includes the phrase “circling the hippocampian wagons of amygdalian resistance” is worth reading.

Dear Hallmark Channel: Nipple, breast, implant, pee pee. Neener neener neener!

No Animals Were Harmed. Except for all those times when they totally were harmed. And then it was all covered up.

“For every Bohr and Fermi, there are probably a half-dozen Fritz Reiches, and another half-dozen who just… vanish.”

Not really sure what happens when the decline in TV viewership makes the current business models untenable. I’m also not sure why anyone would prefer to watch video on a little smartphone or tablet instead of a decent-sized TV screen, but I suppose that just means I’m old.

Here’s an important update to the Rick Springfield Buttocks Assault case. You’re welcome, and remember you can’t get important news like this on the Hallmark Channel.

Kudos to The Gap for its response to a vandalized pro-diversity ad.

Now you too can eat like a Romney, which largely consists of food from cans and Jell-O. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

We’re Number One! In turkey fryer injuries.

“What exactly do Republicans have that they need to pass and that Democrats could accept? The Republican policy cupboard is pretty much empty.”

“Since 2010, when the [Affordable Care Act] was passed, real health spending per capita — that is, total spending adjusted for overall inflation and population growth — has risen less than a third as rapidly as its long-term average. Real spending per Medicare recipient hasn’t risen at all; real spending per Medicaid beneficiary has actually fallen slightly.”

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  1. Gary says:

    The turkey fryer data reminds us once again of the uselessness of statistics that are not adjusted for population. Texas has twice as many people as Illinois or Pennsylvania, but not twice as many incidents, so the actual risk of injury per capita is somewhat lower than in either of those states. On the other hand, it is safe to assert that the risk in Texas is considerably higher than in California, which has more people but fewer casualties (and perhaps a more developed palate).

  2. Jefff says:

    I cancelled my satellite TV over a year ago. I kept Comcast basic cable just in case, but it has fewer channels than the 74 that I can pick up over the air with an antenna (somebody is sure to ask what’s this thing called an “antenna”?) so I convinced Comcast to cancel that, too. My internet improved in reliability immediately.

    I record network shows off the air on with a tuner in my PC, and got a Roku box for movies and reruns. Every flat-screen TV has multiple HDMI inputs for computers and many smartphones even have HDMI out, so screen size is not a problem.