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Weekend link dump for February 16

So how do ants drink water, anyway?

Among other things, gentrification is anti-gang.

Law and Order and computers, documenting history by the screenshot.

Ever wonder what judges wear underneath their robes?

Don’t smoke, y’all. Mr. Spock says so.

Forget Wal-Mart, Costco is the new battle line in the culture war.

Come to San Antonio for the culture and cuisine, stay for the high school robotics competitions.

On the enduring success of Ed Sullivan, and why that mattered for The Beatles.

“[M]yths about virginity, sex, and basic biology still pervade even among sexually active adults, and when those myths get reinforced by vacuums of reliable information and sexist messages ingrained in popular culture, they can have serious consequences for women’s health.”

“In other words, we experienced exactly the kind of unforeseeable, unpreventable medical crisis that any health plan is supposed to cover. Isn’t that the whole point of health insurance?”

“In other words, providing people access to healthier foods is not enough. Access is not sufficient.” More time in the day would also be nice.

I’ll totally be watching the Redshirts adaptation.

“The Republican Party isn’t trying to move to the center. It’s just trying to prevent abject idiots from running for Congress, especially in red hot media markets like Northern Virginia”.

The CBO is not to be trifled with.

RIP, Shirley Temple Black, former child star and US Ambassador.

“The great mystery of U.S. health care is why the country’s CEOs didn’t demand a single-payer system a long time ago.”

“So when Erick Erickson contradicts and rejects Peter’s interpretation of Peter’s vision, then I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to side with Peter.”

Ashley Wagner is your new McKayla Maroney.

Don’t let your boss lie to you about your health insurance costs.

“Because gender segmenting toys interferes with a child’s own creative expression. I know that how I played as a girl shaped who I am today.”

This will be Derek Jeter‘s last year. sniffle

“I believe the right to vote is on the same level as free speech and fair trials. And no one suggests that released felons should be denied either of those.”

Oh where, oh where has my moon rover gone?

Every Prince hairstyle, from 1978 through 2013. You’re welcome.

RIP, Sid Caesar. As always, Mark Evanier’s obit of him is worth reading.

“I find it a remarkable notion that McDonald’s can’t afford to pay an increase in the minimum wage but In-N-Out Burger can.”

Deficit scold, heal thyself. Or better yet, just go away. But not before we mock your cluelessness first.

More Mary Carillo, please.

“So there you have it. It’s not just that these Republican legislators are willing to side with a corporation against a union; it’s that when it comes to being pro-business or anti-union, they’ll choose anti-union.”

Get to know Dale Hansen, the Dallas sportscaster whose defense of Michael Sam went viral, a little better.

RIP, Ralph Waite. Good night, Pa.

#HealthPolicyValentines. Ain’t no humor like geek humor, ’cause geek humor don’t quit till the subject has been thoroughly examined.

RIP, Gemma Caramante. No, you don’t know who she is, unless you’re from my hometown of Staten Island. She was the great aunt of my best friend growing up, and a big part of my childhood who was every bit as kind and generous as described in that obituary. I wasn’t related to her by blood, but she was Aunt Gemma to me, too. Every kid should have an Aunt Gemma in their lives. Rest in peace, Zizi. We love you.

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