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Weekend link dump for March 2

No, the Scooby Gang has nothing to do with the Five College Consortium.

The credit card data theft will continue for the foreseeable future.

The power of third parties compels you.

Sometimes it’s better to help from a distance than up close.

In other news, Tom DeLay is still an idiot.

Girl Scout cookies and medical marijuana clinics: Two great tastes that taste great together. In California, anyway.

Zoos have successfully used contraceptives on their animals for years. Ceasing the use of contraceptives and getting those animals to breed again, that’s a different story.

“Indeed, this is the reason [shaken baby syndrome] is such a convenient diagnosis. It allows prosecutors to charge a suspected abuser despite no outward signs of abuse. But we now know that other causes can produce these symptoms, which means that some percentage of the people convicted in SBS cases are going to prison for murders that may have never happened.”

What House of Cards got wrong on phone surveillance.

Maybe we should all lean out a little more.

Hope you’ve patched your iPhone.

Hard to believe, but Amazon is worse than WalMart at treating employees.

RIP, Maria von Trapp, last surviving member of the singing Von Trapp family.

“Still: a significant portion of what Whole Foods sells is based on simple pseudoscience. And sometimes that can spill over into outright anti-science.”

RIP, Harold Ramis. As Mel Brooks said at the passing of Harvey Korman, the world is a more serious place today.

Science journalism versus sports journalism, in a steel cage death match (okay, maybe not).

“With one fake apology, Nugent has forever revealed himself as someone playing the same political game as all of the phonies his outspokenness was meant to call out.”

RIP, Alice Herz-Sommer, believed to be the oldest survivor of the Holocaust.

The last harrumph of Fix The Debt.

“Any Christians who want to can believe that gay people are sinful and wicked, or that gay marriage is a terrible thing. What they can’t do is use those beliefs as a get-out-of-jail-free card that gives them permission to break the law or escape civil liability when they harm other people.”

Sometimes making a scene is the right thing to do.

“In a sentence: The GOP health-care fix will push people on to government health care, raise the deficit, affect more workers and increase the number of uninsured.” In other words, it’s perfect.

Are you craving more Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski? Well, you’re in luck.

The Supreme Court will get another crack at software patents.

715 new planets, none of them Pluto.

Dear Paula Deen: Please stop talking. Seriously, for your own good, just stop.

Another Bill Watterson sighting, along with what may be his first piece of comic art since he ended Calvin and Hobbes.

RIP, Jim Lange, host of The Dating Game.

It’s almost always a better deal to order the larger pizza. Also, math.

If you look up the word “empathy” in the dictionary, you won’t find this guy‘s picture.

“Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that public attitudes toward gay marriage changed at about the same rate as attitudes toward interracial marriage.”

Republicans don’t care about the deficit. Repeat that till it sinks in.

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