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Weekend link dump for March 9

“I don’t know about you, but the idea that every single person in America who has ever had an injection has been protected because we harvest the blood of a forgettable sea creature with a hidden chemical superpower makes me feel a little bit crazy.”

Go ahead and post that picture to, but your dog does not feel shame for eating your sofa cushions. Also, “Bonnie Beaver” is an excellent name for a veterinarian.

Don’t pass on your own anxieties about math to your kids.

Confidentiality agreements and posting about it on Facebook don’t mix.

If you give small minded people power they will inevitably abuse it. And our job market for the past five years has been a laboratory for worker abuse.”

More selfies, more lice. Eww.

Six months after same-sex marriage was legalized, Minnesota is still Minnesota.

Lena Dunham will write a four-part story for Archie Comics, to be published in 2015.

“In keeping with the designer’s forest-themed interior motif, a pair of homesteader cabins from the late 1800s are being installed in Twitter’s new digs in the historic Western Furniture Exchange and Merchandise Mart building, a 1937 art deco landmark on Market Street.” Because nothing evokes 19th century Montana quite like 21st century San Francisco.

“Iowa just does not derail front-running candidates with any level of regularity. It tends to winnow the field, leaving the determinative job to some subsequent state or series of state contests. That is the cycle we should be paying attention to.”

Remember, the people who tell us we need to “do something” about the Ukraine are the same people who told us we needed to “do something” about WMDs in Iraq.

It’s really hard to change the mind of someone who opposes vaccinations.

“If you are able to discriminate against others on the basis of religious conviction, others must be allowed to do the same when you are on the other side of the counter. You can’t have your wedding cake and eat it too.”

“As more and more states begin to legalize marijuana over the next few years, the cannabis industry will begin to get richer—and that means it will start to wield considerably more political power, not only over the states but over national policy, too. That’s how we could get locked into a bad system in which the primary downside of legalizing pot—increased drug abuse, especially by minors—will be greater than it needs to be, and the benefits, including tax revenues, smaller than they could be.”

“Every time a Republican wins positive press by posing as a tribune for the poor, an angel gets its wings ripped off by the invisible hand of capitalism”.

An inside look at Mt. Gox, the bitcoin company that got hacked and lost $850 million worth of the digital currency.

Good ideas don’t need lots of lies told about them to gain public acceptance. Facts are stubborn things.

I mean seriously, does Paul Ryan lie about everything?

RIP, Mae Keane, believed to be the last of the Waterbury Clock Co.’s “radium girls”. Just go read the story, it’s as amazing as it is appalling.

Carl Kasell announces his retirement from Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Bummer.


“But read the whole thing and you get the impression that there are House Republicans who understand that there is more to poverty reduction than getting the government out of the way. They should be braver about saying this.”

So long, Radio Shack. It was good knowing you.

Here are some photos of a snake swallowing a crocodile. It happened in Australia, of course.

“For those of you who find Fox News too mainstream and factual, this is for you.”

Nice to know that Adele Dazeem has such a good sense of humor.

Maybe Putin is like Reagan. Whoa.

RIP, Carmen Berra, wife of Yankees legend Yogi Berra. Best baseball story ever: Carmen was at the hospital, in labor, soon to deliver their second son, Dale. She’s listening to the Yankees game on the radio. Yankee pitcher Allie Reynolds is throwing a no-hitter against the Red Sox. With two outs in the ninth, Ted Williams hits a foul popup, and Yogi Berra drops it. Carmen screams out, and doctors and nurses rush into her room. “What’s the matter?” they ask. “It’s my husband!” she says. “He dropped the ball!” PS – Williams hit an identical popup on the next pitch, and Yogi caught it to finish Reynolds’ no hitter.

RIP, Terry Coppage, a/k/a founding liberal blogger Bartcop. TBogg delivers a suitable eulogy.

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