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Saturday video break: All I Want

Just because two songs have the same name it doesn’t mean they’re the same song. In theory there’s an unlimited number of possible song titles, but in practice there are a lot of reruns. Example #2 from my collection is “All I Want”. Here’s what Susanna Hoffs did with that song title:

Back in the day (and by “back in the day” I mean “back in the 80s, because what else would I mean?) I didn’t think much of the Bangles. They struck me as a disposable prefab pop group that disappeared after their first album. I was surprised to learn years later what a talented musician she is, both as a solo act and in tandem with Matthew Sweet. If you’re into covers, their three “Under The Covers” CDs are worth checking out. Now here’s Toad The Wet Sprocket doing a completely different song called “All I Want”:

I’m pretty sure I heard this song a bunch of times on the radio without ever knowing what its title was or who sang it. I don’t know why radio stations do that. Anyway, now I know. What songs did you hear on the radio for a long time before you found out what they were?

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One Comment

  1. Jeff N. says:

    Nice kids, but they need to get off Joni Mitchell’s lawn (mine, too) 🙂