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Harris County GOP to yell at cloud on Monday

Lone Star Q:

Calling gay people “sodomites” and U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia a “would-be dictator,” the Harris County Republican Party announced it will host a news conference Monday morning in response to Garcia’s ruling Wednesday striking down Texas’ bans on same-sex marriage.

The event at county GOP headquarters seems like a pretty obvious ploy to energize the conservative base in advance of Tuesday’s primary — when, among others, Chair Jared Woodfill faces a challenger from within the party.

According to a release sent out Friday afternoon, party workers and eleted officials will “stand shoulder to shoulder with people of faith to denounce the lawless ruling of a federal court seeking to impose the whims of unelected judges on the people of Texas.”

“President Obama set a precedent of lawlessness by intimating that he would now use his ‘pen’ and ‘phone’ to circumvent the will of the people and their elected representatives. Now every petty would-be dictator this side of the Rio Grande is advancing personal agendas by decree,” said Woodfill, who is referred to as “a staunch advocate of family values.”

“This is an astonishing example of judicial activism and a violation of the separation of powers. Whatever the personal views of Judge Garcia, he does not have the power to makes laws. Our Founding Fathers would be furious to find out that the Constitution was being interpreted to allow sodomites to marry,” stated Dr. Steve Hotze.

Remember when some people said there was no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans? Those were the days, I tell you. Just another thing to keep in mind when you vote this year.

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  1. PDiddie says:

    Sorry, Charlie; this needs fixing.

    When people say “there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans”, this is what they are talking about. Not social issues.

    Those are differences between Republicans and the Tea Party,as you correctly here.

  2. Another difference between the parties: Twelve Republicans are running to be my state rep, all oppose a Medicaid expansion that could cover the million working class Texans that the GOP have pushed into the ‘coverage gap.’ At least the Democratic Party managed to put a non-binding referendum about expansion on their primary ballot.

  3. Daniel Williams says:

    A non-partisan prayer rally is planned outside the party headquarters during the press conference:

  4. Katy Anders says:

    “Sodomites”? Seriously?

    Anyone who uses a term like “sodomites” in official statements shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the send button for press releases.


    That would be the equivalent of a Democratic spokesman talking about the proletariat and bourgeoisie in public statements.

    It’s some sort of bizarre anachronism, and somebody in the GOP needs to speak up about it.