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Weekend link dump for March 23

I am Locutus of WalMart. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

If you think coverage of Hillary Clinton is bad now, just wait till she actually announces her candidacy for President.

Oh, and you’d better get your Hillary Clinton-related domain while you still can.

“Looks to me like the fast food workers would benefit if their bosses could form a union, and the bosses would benefit if the whole industry (including themselves) were unionized.”

The future of the NBA is being developed and tested in Hidalgo, Texas.

Sexual abuse has become a huge problem for America’s Bible colleges.

Some police departments will now warn you on social media about where they’ll be setting up speed traps, the idea being that it’s better to have people slow down than get busted.

Meet the pygmy T-Rex, which is still a T-Rex even if it is smaller.

“There were no good arguments to be had this year because that central conflict, between the haves and have-nots, has been won by the haves for a few years running.” And at least in that respect, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is a lot like life.

They are coming for your birth control. This cannot be said often enough. They are coming for your birth control. Someday, we’ll need to remind ourselves that it wasn’t always like this.

“Think of it as a video version of her Facebook page“. Or don’t think of it at all.

RIP, David Brenner, comedian and “Tonight Show” presence.

Good ideas don’t need lots of lies told about them to gain public acceptance.

“And, damn it, how dare so many of you politicians and political commentators and entertainers spit on the ashes of the earth containing the bodies of millions of the slaughtered, by making such asinine comparisons. How dare you belittle unspeakable suffering, how dare you brush aside the emotional torment of survivors, how dare you feed into the Holocaust denialism by pretending that some difference in political opinions is just as bad as the literal torture and destruction of millions of families.”

From the “Aren’t you glad you asked?” department.

Are credit monitoring services worth it?

“Democrats moderate in response to district demographics; Republicans don’t.”

Go ahead and march, Bill. Might do you some good.

State governments are smarter than John Boehner.

RIP, Robert Strauss, legendary Texas politico.

For those of you that do read it for the articles, Mark Evanier has some caveats about Stan Lee’s interview in this month’s Playboy.

What Fred Clark says about Fred Phelps. Oh, and the man who wrote that classic profile of Mister Rogers notes one lasting connection between Rogers and Phelps.

There is no evidence of voting fraud, particularly by noncitizens, on any scale even close to justifying either the imposition it places on people or the expensive bureaucracy needed to administer it.”

Drug cartels rely on big banks to launder profits.

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One Comment

  1. Ross says:

    For all the complaints about how WalMart has “destroyed” small town America, I would offer the comments of my friends who live in some of those small towns that with WalMart, there would be no way to shop on the weekends after 3 on Saturday, which is when the “mom and Pop” shops closed or at all on Sunday. Monday through Friday weren’t much better, with closing no later than 6. Plus, those locally owned stores seldom hired many people.