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Saturday video break: Amazing Grace

This may be the most covered song of all time. Here’s a traditional rendition from The Rogues:

I once said on Facebook that all bagpipes come with three songs preinstalled: Scotland The Brave, The Minstrel Boy, and Amazing Grace. Hearing this tune on the pipes always gives me a chill.

For a slightly less traditional but still stirring rendition, here’s Chris Squire of Yes doing it on his bass guitar:

Both of these are in my collection. I could find a zillion more that aren’t, and I could go on the usual tangent about how you can sing this song – and many others – to the tune of the Gilligan’s Island theme song, but I’ll refrain. Instead, here’s a song inspired by Amazing Grace by Texas celtic band Jiggernaut called Amazing Grace (Again):

I think that’s a good way to wrap this up.

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One Comment

  1. Amerloc says:

    Songs written in common time pop up all over: The Yellow Rose of Texas, the Gilligan’s Theme, Amazing Grace. Guess there’s a reason it’s referred to as “common.”

    The one that surprised me, though, was “House of the Rising Sun,” covered with the Amazing Grace lyrics. Here’s the Blind Boys of Alamama: