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Weekend link dump for April 6

The national divorce rate is a more complicated question than you might think.

Who wants to get hoaxed about marrying a prince?

The best day of the week to buy groceries is Wednesday.

“Put aside, for now, the shameless hypocrisy of these self-styled heroes of the free market secretly engaging in such grotesquely anti-competitive practices. What’s particularly interesting to witness is how, in contrast to the smarmy public face of the Silicon Valley execs (the corporate mottos of Apple and Google are “Think Different” and “Don’t Be Evil”), in fact, when it comes to protecting their profits, these companies demonstrate the kind of ruthlessness that would do the old-school robber barons proud.”

“The reason contraception operates within the health insurance system rather than with a cash grant subsidy system is that it is part of professional medical care, and not simply a commodity that is available for purchase and subsidy should society so desire.”

It’s not the one percent so much as it is the one percent of the one percent that’s really hoovering up all the wealth.

RIP, Ray Hutchison, former legislator and husband of former Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Who knew Newsweek had such a weird story behind it?

Getting marginal voters to the polls is what this year’s election is all about.

“Tesla Motors Inc’s electric vehicles can be located and unlocked by criminals remotely simply by cracking a six-character password using traditional hacking techniques, according to newly released research.”

“That means it’s also the time of year for America’s second-favorite pastime: the scoreboard marriage proposal. To step up your engagement game, we reached out to all 30 MLB teams to find out the cost of putting a ring (World Series or otherwise) on it at each stadium.”

Real fame is when someone cosplays as you…and other people know who they’re supposed to be.

On writing letters of reference.

From the If At First You Don’t Succeed, You Should Probably Try Something Else department.

“No matter how you slice it, [Paul] Ryan is balancing the budget almost entirely by slashing spending on the poor.” He’s not being subtle about it, either.

“The more you learn about how debt collection works, the more you’re surprised that they ever find the right target in the first place.”

A handy guide to Republican excuses about Obamacare enrollment numbers.

RIP, Charles Keating. Take Alan Stanford and mix in Ralph Reed, you’ll get Charles Keating.

Remember, flaws are OK“.

RIP, Frankie Knuckles, godfather of house music.

Congratulations to Willard Scott on his marriage. Mazel tov, you crazy kids.

“I knew it! (I had long suspected, but this is the smoking gun!) The Kochtopus is a crypto-Schopenhauerian cult! It is all a subtle plot to deny Americans their freedom – as Schopenhauer denied human freedom!” Also, too: Cool icon, dude.

Oh, South Carolina. I mean, seriously.

David Letterman is retiring. In times like these, Mark Evanier is your best bet to make sense of it all.

Do you need another reason to hate credit reporting services? Here you go.

“This is the conservative double standard in the realm of corporate rights: When the corporation supports a right-wing pet project—say, denying women reproductive care—conservatives pen encomia to the First Amendment’s corporate protections. But when a corporation dares to support a progressive cause like gay rights, conservatives cry foul at its alleged censorship of individual views.”

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